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RPR-1 阿乙 《您好》 “Who’s Speaking Please?” — by A Yi, translated by Michelle Deeter
RPR-2 李娟 《通往滴水泉的路》 “The Road to the Weeping Spring” — by Li Juan, tr Lucy Johnston
RPR-3 謝曉虹 《一月桥》 “January: Bridges” — by Dorothy Tse, translated by Nicky Harman
RPR-4 张悦然 《二进制》 “Binary” — by Zhang Yueran, translated by Jeremy Tiang
RPR-5 王小波 《舅舅情人》 “Mister Lover” — by Wang Xiaobo, translated by Eric Abrahamsen
RPR-6 朱岳 《泽尔尼克之死》 “The Death of Zernik” — by Zhu Yue, translated by David Haysom
RPR-7 謝曉虹 《吞吐》 “Regurgitated” — by Dorothy Tse, translated by Karen Curtis
RPR-8 李静睿 《失踪》 “Missing” — by Li Jingrui, translated by Helen Wang
RPR-9 张翎 《女人四十》 “A Woman, At Forty” — by Zhang Ling, translated by Emily Jones
RPR-10 颜歌 《钟腻哥》 “Sissy Zhong” — by Yan Ge, translated by Nicky Harman
RPR-11 王小妮 1966 : 火车头》 “1966: Locomotive” — by Wang Xiaoni, translated by Eleanor Goodman
RPR-12 叶尔克西胡尔曼别克 《无痛》 “Painless” — by Yerkex Hurmanbek, translated by Roddy Flagg
RPR-13 路内 《阿弟,你慢慢跑》 “Keep Running, Little Brother” — by Lu Nei, translated by Rachel Henson
RPR-14 熒惑《骨落》 “Bone Down” — by Jacky Yuen, translated by Chenxin Jiang
RPR-15 曹文轩 《乌鸦》 “Crows” — by Cao Wenxuan, translated by Helen Wang
RPR-16 黃麗群 《无物结同心》 “There is Nothing to Bind Our Hearts Together”— by Sabrina Huang, translated by Jeremy Tiang
RPR-17 戴望舒 《烦优》 “Sorrow” — by Dai Wangshu, translated by Anna Gustafsson Chen
RPR-18 鲁讯 《野草》 “Weeds” — by Lu Xun, translated by David Haysom and Karmia Olutade
RPR-19 乌青 《我就是丁西拌》“My Name is Ding Xiban” — by Wu Qing, translated by Julia Lovell
RPR-20 鲁敏 《谢伯茂之死》“Xie Bomao, R.I.P.” — by Lu Min, translated by Helen Wang
RPR-21 鲁敏《1980年的第二胎》 "A Second Pregnancy, 1980" — by Lu Min, translated by Helen Wang
RPR-22 刘慈欣《思想者》 "The Thinkers" - by Liu Cixin, translated by Joel Martinsen
RPR-23 严歌苓《赔钱货》 "Disappointing Returns" - by Yan Geling, translated by David Haysom
RPR-24 沈从文: 《夫妇》 "The Young Couple" - by Shen Congwen, translated by Canaan Morse
RPR-25 - "The One Who Picks Flowers, by Liu Qingbang, translated by Lee Yew Leong


The Home of a Spare ChildShen YangJulius KochanJul 2024Online
At Night I Rise to Mop the FloorYu XinqiaoAnne HenochowiczJul 2024Online
One Who Loves Doors Will Always Be LovedHuang XianzhiBill LeverettJul 2024Online
At HomeZuo Youmultiple translatorsJun 2024Online
The Lost DeerLi TangHuang HowardJun 2024Online
Notes from the Consulting RoomZuo Feimultiple translatorsJun 2024Online
Winter is ComingWu AngZhang KellyJul 2023Online
Lunch for TwoZheng ZhiLilian HuangJul 2023Online
Food and MemoryHong YingGeorge DudleyJul 2023Online
The Bug PrincessYang ShuangziFrancesca JordanJul 2023Online
Taste TestSabrina HuangAndrew RuleJun 2023Online
The Cure-allXu XiaobinMegan CopelandJun 2023Online
Four Poems by 玉珍 Yu ZhenYu ZhenDavid HaysomAug 2022Online
Selected poems from Following Huang Gongwang through the Fuchun MountainsZhai YongmingAndrea LingenfelterAug 2022Online
Wu Ang – Four PoemsWu AngAlice XiangAug 2022Online
Three Poems by Zheng XiaoqiongZheng XiaoqiongEleanor GoodmanAug 2022Online
DragonCao KouJosh StenbergFeb 2022Online
What's There to Do on a Friday Night?Li QiangMargaret KennedyFeb 2022Online
One Night on the WharfHan DongNicky HarmanFeb 2022Online
MotherCao KouJosh StenbergJan 2022Online
The West WindowSu TongJosh StenbergJan 2022Online
Going to Tang Village to Build a CoffinCao KouCanaan MorseJan 2022Online
Eternal LambYerkex HurmanbekNicky HarmanDec 2020Online
注视Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
谈话Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
过去Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
气球里的铃铛Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
疫情中又想起奥哈拉Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
应变Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
怀旧Sun Dongn/aOct 2020Online
Fixed GazeSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
Thinking of O'Hara Mid-EpidemicSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
Forced AdaptationSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
The ConversationSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
Balloon with a Bell InsideSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
NostalgiaSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
The PastSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
WinterSun DongDavid PerryOct 2020Online
Meditations in an EmergencyDavid Perryn/aSep 2020Online
Forty Days: Growing Closer to My Parents during QuarantineDeng AnqingGive-it-a-Go TranslatorsMay 2020Online
Su Volunteers DiaryWu Angmultiple translatorsMay 2020Online
Split SpringLin BaiDavid HaysomApr 2020Online
A Message Held to the FlameA YiDylan Levi KingApr 2020Online
View from a WindowHan DongNicky HarmanApr 2020Online
Hide! Hide! Hide!Yan GelingNicky HarmanMar 2020Online
The Nursing Home RightistYuan LingJack HargreavesOct 2019Online
Silent ChildrenYuan LingJack HargreavesOct 2019Online
Mo Yan's CountryWei YiJiang ChenxinAug 2019Online
March on Beijing - The Picun Writers' Group Part 2multiple authorsJeremy TiangJun 2019Online
March on Beijing - The Picun Writers Group Part 1multiple authorsJeremy TiangJun 2019Online
Lessons in the LawXie DingNatascha BruceMay 2019Online
Searching for BodiesMa JinyuKate CostelloApr 2019Online
A Fortuneteller in a Modern MetropolisLiang HongMichael DayMar 2019Online
Small TownLi JingruiHelen WangOct 2018Online
Letter to My MotherOu NingNicky HarmanOct 2018Online
The Spices of LifeYan GePoppy TolandSep 2018Online
Three Sketches of Peter HesslerWu QiLuisetta MudieSep 2018Online
Metro Line FiveWu JunLucy Craig-McQuaideNov 2017Online
Saint MarieDa SiCaroline MasonNov 2017Online
Convince MeJiang YitanAlexander CliffordNov 2017Online
Forty-Nine DegreesSong AmanMichelle DeeterNov 2017Online
Dad Your Name is Field-KeeperSun YishengNicky HarmanFeb 2017Online
The Path to FreedomTang FeiXueting Christine NiDec 2016Online
Two Young Women From FuyangMai JiaYu Yan ChenNov 2016Online
The Northern BorderLi ZishuJoshua DyerNov 2016Online
Where Did I Lose You?Fan XiaoqingPaul HarrisNov 2016Online
DragonworldHelen Wangn/aNov 2016Online
Dragonworldpaper-republic.orgZhang XinxinHelen WangNov 2016Online
Dragon BoatGe LiangKaren CurtisOct 2016Online
One Day, One of the Screws Will Come LooseLi JingruiLuisetta MudieJun 2016Online
Gu Jieming – a LifeHan DongNicky HarmanJun 2016Online
The Heart, Too, BrokenLi XiuwenKarmia OlutadeJun 2016Online
Moonlight in the Lotus PondZhu ZiqingPeter RichardsonMay 2016Online
Return to the Great Northern WildernessHe JiahongEmily JonesMay 2016Online
The Bathtub – Scene of a StruggleHan DongNicky HarmanMay 2016Online
Dark AlleyWang AnyiCanaan MorseMay 2016Online
The Floor of PipesCao KouDavid HaysomApr 2016Online
Self-PortraitZhang XinxinHelen WangApr 2016Online
Ying Yang AlleyFan XiaoqingHelen WangApr 2016Online
An End of Days StoryFei DaoAlec AshApr 2016Online
The Motherland's Starry Skies (& six more poems)multiple authorsn/aMar 2016Online
SnowXu Xiaobinmultiple translatorsMar 2016Online
Chronicles of the Ancient VillageNa ZhangyuanNick AdmussenMar 2016Online
DummiesHon Lai-chuKaren CurtisMar 2016Online
That Damned Thing She SaidFu YuliNicky HarmanMar 2016Online
Backflow RiverJia PingwaNicky HarmanFeb 2016Online
Hopelessly BlindZhou KaiEleanor GoodmanFeb 2016Online
A River Full of GlassQiu HuadongRobin VisserFeb 2016Online
Journey to the WestWu Cheng'enW J F JennerFeb 2016Online
AperySun YishengNicky HarmanJan 2016Online
The Cry of the DeerHan DongNicky HarmanJan 2016Online
Sunshine in WinterShi Kangmultiple translatorsJan 2016Online
Piano TwilightChen CunMichael DayJan 2016Online
MahjongFeng TangBrendan O'KaneDec 2015Online
Mr JodhpursLao SheTony BlishenDec 2015Online
VenusChen XueJosh StenbergDec 2015Online
Dreaming of My FatherLiglave A-wuKristen RobinsonDec 2015Online
The One Who Picks FlowersLiu QingbangLee Yew LeongDec 2015Online
The Young CoupleShen CongwenCanaan MorseNov 2015Online
Disappointing ReturnsYan GelingDavid HaysomNov 2015Online
The ThinkersLiu CixinJoel MartinsenNov 2015Online
A Second Pregnancy, 1980Lu MinHelen WangNov 2015Online
Xie Bomao R.I.P.Lu MinHelen WangOct 2015Online
My Name is Ding XibanWu QingJulia LovellOct 2015Online
"Autumn Night" & "A Splendid Tale"Lu Xunmultiple translatorsOct 2015Online
SorrowDai WangshuAnna Gustafsson ChenOct 2015Online
There is Nothing to Bind Our Hearts TogetherSabrina HuangJeremy TiangOct 2015Online
CrowsCao WenxuanHelen WangSep 2015Online
Bone DownJacky YuenJiang ChenxinSep 2015Online
Keep Running, Little BrotherLu NeiRachel HensonSep 2015Online
PainlessYerkex HurmanbekRoddy FlaggSep 2015Online
1966: LocomotiveWang XiaoniEleanor GoodmanAug 2015Online
Sissy ZhongYan GeNicky HarmanAug 2015Online
A Woman, at FortyZhang LingEmily JonesAug 2015Online
MissingLi JingruiHelen WangAug 2015Online
RegurgitatedDorothy (Hiu Hung) TseKaren CurtisJul 2015Online
The Death of ZernikZhu YueDavid HaysomJul 2015Online
Mister LoverWang XiaoboEric AbrahamsenJul 2015Online
BinaryZhang YueranJeremy TiangJul 2015Online
January: BridgesDorothy (Hiu Hung) TseNicky HarmanJul 2015Online
The Road to the Weeping SpringLi JuanLucy JohnstonJun 2015Online
Who's Speaking Please?A YiMichelle DeeterJun 2015Online

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