Xueting Christine Ni

Xueting Christine Ni has been translating and promoting Chinese culture for the past twelve years. A graduate in English Literature from QMUL (London), and Chinese Literature at CUN (Beijing), she has been providing touring talks on a wide variety of Chinese culture subjects, producing articles and resources for those interested in China, and translating a range of works, from manhua such as “Vision of the Other Side” by Lin Yuchin, “Endless”, the collection of prose, poetry and art by Professor Shermin Lin, and documentaries such as “China Underground” on Chinese indie music by John Yingling. She is currently working with the fantasy and science fiction author Tang Fei, and writing a book on Chinese deities.

Website: snowpavilion.co.uk
Twitter: @xuetingni


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The Path to Freedom by Tang Fei December 01, 2016

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