Qiu Huadong 邱华栋


Born in 1969 in Sanji, Xinjiang, Qiu Huadong is assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of People’s Literature magazine, and has published a dozen novels in two series.

The first, which tells of life in present-day Beijing, is composed of Daytime Jitters, Noon Confessions, Flowers, and The Professors; the second of the historical novels The Telescope, Men Who Ride the Flying Fish, The City of Janaidar, Prisoners of Time and Eternal Life. He has also written a series of sixty short stories describing middle class Beijing life, under the title Locals, and a series of fifty-odd post-modern stories, Fashionistas. His work has been translated into French and Vietnamese.

Friend of the Moon, tr. Joel Martinsen Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 1 (2012)


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