Francesca Jordan

Francesca Jordan graduated in Modern and Classical Chinese from SOAS and then spent a decade in Beijing, where she became one of the go-to translators for contemporary Chinese art during an exciting phase in its development, working with many well-known artists, curators, galleries and journals. She has also worked internationally as an exhibition curator, art consultant and event coordinator.

Currently UK-based, Francesca now focuses on literary and academic translation. She was winner of the 2021 Bai Meigui Translation Prize and is recipient of a Books From Taiwan grant to translate Yang Shuang-zi’s novel The Season When Flowers Bloom for Balestier Press. Recent academic translations include articles on Taiwanese Hokkien cinema and pre-war Modernist poetry movements in Taiwan.

Another Yang Shuang-zi short story titled Sendan Blossom Season is forthcoming in the Summer ’23 issue of The Southern Review.


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The Bug Princess by Yang Shuangzi July 07, 2023

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