Liglave A-wu 利格拉乐.阿[女乌]

Liglave A-Wu, born 1969, is a prominent Indigenous Taiwanese activist and author of the Paiwan tribe whose literary work explores gender, ethnicity, identity and class, drawing and reflecting on her own experiences. A-wu's Han Chinese father retreated with the Kuomintang to Taiwan where he met and married her mother, a member of the Paiwan tribe. As a result of the stigmas and discrimination she suffered in her early years, it was only well into her adulthood that A-wu came to identify with her aboriginal heritage and went on to advocate for her community. In particular, she brings the voice of the marginalised to the predominately mainstream feminist debate.

Liglave A-wu is the featured author in READ PAPER REPUBLIC, week 26, 10 December 2015.


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