Ge Liang 葛亮


Born in 1978. Originally hailing from Nanjing, he now lives in Hong Kong. Received his PhD in Chinese from Hong Kong University. Currently holds a position at Hong Kong Baptist University. His writings have been published in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Author of the short story collections Year of Drama, Enigma, Going Our Separate Ways, the novel Rosefinch, and the essay collection Sketches. Winner of the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Development Award, the 1st Hong Kong Book Award, the Unitas Literary Award for Best Short Work by a New Author, and The Liang Shiqiu Literary Award, among other prizes. His works were chosen by Wheatfield Publishing for their anthologies "Contemporary Chinese Novelists,""21st Century Chinese Literature,""2008-2009 Best Chinese Fiction," as well as their "Quality Selections". His long novel Rosefinch was picked by Asia Weekly as one of the ten best novels of 2009.

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