Zhang Xinxin 张辛欣

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Zhang Xinxin grew up in Beijing. In the early 1980s she trained in theatre directing at the Central Drama Academy, Beijing. The fiction she published in the 1980s earned her both acclaim and criticism. Since then she has written several novels, short stories and poems, and works of non-fiction (essays, commentaries, news reports and scenarios), as well as film, TV and radio work (directing, presenting and scriptwriting). Her key works include:

《我Me (I/Me, 2 vols, 2011)
《龙的食谱》(Dragonworld, 2011)
《这次你演哪一半? (Which half will you play this time – husband or wife?, 1988)
《封联》 (Postcard and Bandits, 1986)
《张辛欣小说选》 (The Collected Stories of Zhang Xinxin, 1985)
《我们这个年纪的梦》 (The Dreams of Our Generation, 1985)
《疯狂的君子兰》(Mad about Orchids, 1983)
《在同一个地平线上》(On the Same Horizon, 1981)

《我的好莱坞大学》(Dark Paradise: My Observations of Hollywood, 2003)
《闲说外国人》 (Chatting About Foreigners, 2002)
《流浪世界的方式》 (Style of Wandering the World: Short Essay Collection, 2002)
《独步东西 : 一个旅美作家的网上创作》 (Lonely Drifter: The Wanderer Between the East and the West - My Journey on The Web 2000)
《我知道的美国之音》(Me and the VOA: A Collection of Commentaries, 2000)
《天狱偷渡美国》(Hell in Heaven: Smuggling to America, 1994)
《北京人 (一百个中国人的自述)(Chinese Lives, 1986) - co-authored with Sang Ye. 《在路上》 (On the Road, 1986)

Graphic novel
《拍花子和俏女孩》(Pai Hua Zi and the Clever Girl, 2012) part 1 and part 2

Film, TV, radio
《棋王》 (The Chessmaster, screenplay of Ah Cheng’s novel)
《我们,你们》(We, You, screenplay and directing, Capital Sports Stadium)
《运河人》(People of the Grand Canal, presenting on CCTV)
《普通人》(Ordinary People, presenting on Central People’s Broadcasting)
《封。片。联》 (Postcard and Bandits, novella and radio series)
《珍邮谜案》(The Stamp Mystery, TV mini-series, screenplay and directing)
《作家手记》(Diary of an Author, commentary on Voice of America)


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