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We rely on the wisdom, skills and expertise of others. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us so far in our journey – including, to name but a few, Bruce Humes, Canaan Morse, Helen Wang and many more.

Up until now, we have worked largely as volunteers and have asked translators to do the same. For example – the Read Paper Republic campaign would not have been possible without the generosity of translators donating their translations. In the future, we hope to secure funding to build on the success of our work to date.

We love working with translators, universities, charities and organisations – and are keen to work with anyone interested in getting more people to read Chinese literature in English translation. Organisations we’ve collaborated with include the Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing, OWMagazine, the Free Word Centre, the LA Review of Book’s China Channel and Guanghwa bookshop in London.

Please help us get the word out by sharing stories and news articles from this site with others.

Our Donors and Sponsors

Our very sincere thanks go to the following people and organizations who have supported us over the years with donations and sponsorship.

The Paper Republic Guide to Contemporary Chinese Literature, 2021

For help with the production of the Guide, we are extremely grateful to the following:

We would also like to thank all the numerous translators, and the editors of Chutzpah and Pathlight, who have generously donated their short stories, particularly for the READ PAPER REPUBLIC project, 2015-2019.