David Perry


David Perry is a poet, translator, and editor. He holds an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Iowa. He published his first poetry collection, Range Finder (Adventures in Poetry) 2001; his most recent collection, Expat Taxes (Seaweed Salad Editions), was published in 2015, and his translation of Han Bo’s 《中东铁路》was published as a chapbook in 2016 as The China Eastern Railway (Seaweed Salad Editions). He is a Senior Lecturer at NYU Shanghai, where he teaches core curriculum writing, humanities and creative writing classes, including a “creative translation” class. He also is the lead curator of the university’s Literary Reading Series, focusing on bilingual Chinese poet-English translator events. He has taught at the University of Iowa, St. John’s University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and the Kansas City Art Institute, and lives in Shanghai with his family.


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