Pathlight: New Chinese Writing

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Heat IslandXia JiaKen LiuOct 2015Mainland China
Thoreau and IWei AnEleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
Going into the White Birch ForestWei AnEleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
MetalRong GuangqiAmanda HallidayOct 2015Mainland China
Full MoonRong GuangqiAmanda HallidayOct 2015Mainland China
After the RainRong GuangqiAmanda HallidayOct 2015Mainland China
SquirrelRong GuangqiAmanda HallidayOct 2015Mainland China
the great riverLuo YiheKarmia OlutadeOct 2015Mainland China
white tigerLuo YiheKarmia OlutadeOct 2015Mainland China
the moonLuo YiheKarmia OlutadeOct 2015Mainland China
snowing and snowingLuo YiheKarmia OlutadeOct 2015Mainland China
Interview with Liu LiangchengLiu LiangchengJim WeldonOct 2015Mainland China
A Village of One (excerpt)Liu LiangchengJoshua DyerOct 2015Mainland China
The Bird Sings on a Flowered BranchCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
The Mountain SpiritCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
ReadCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
ToothacheCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
Thicketing of ShadowsCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
Wasted Towns and Broken RoomsCai ShipingCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
The Hot Springs on Moon MountainYe MiCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
AperySun YishengNicky HarmanOct 2015Mainland China
The Nightjar at DuskGerelchimeg BlackcraneRoddy FlaggOct 2015Mainland China
Wolves Walk AtwainDeng YiguangCara HealeyOct 2015Mainland China
Death is a Tiger ButterflyWu Ming-YiDarryl SterkOct 2015Mainland China
On the Great Plain a Great Snow Seals Off the MountainHaizi Eleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
Words West of the VineyardHaizi Eleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
SwanHaizi Eleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
AutumnHaizi Eleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
SnowfallWang ZuRoddy FlaggOct 2015Mainland China
Clear Water Castle (poems from)Shao BingKyle AndersonOct 2015Mainland China
Illusory ConstructionsQiu LeiDavid HaysomOct 2015Mainland China
The Great Whale Sings (excerpt)Zhou XiaofengCanaan MorseOct 2015Mainland China
Qinghai SkiesYe ZhouLaura TuckerOct 2015Mainland China
Rain and SorrowZhang WeiEric AbrahamsenOct 2015Mainland China
PigeonLiu QingbangRachel HensonOct 2015Mainland China
Idle Musings in SpringLi ShaojunKyle AndersonOct 2015Mainland China
Mount JingtingLi ShaojunKyle AndersonOct 2015Mainland China
The Legend of the SeaLi ShaojunKyle AndersonOct 2015Mainland China
Interview with Ouyang JiangheOuyang JiangheEleanor GoodmanOct 2015Mainland China
Nine Horse PrairieYe ZhouLaura TuckerOct 2015Mainland China
Nature's PerfumeYe ZhouLaura TuckerOct 2015Mainland China
TotemYang KeKyle AndersonMay 2015Mainland China
The Heart, Too BrokenLi XiuwenKarmia OlutadeMay 2015Mainland China
Phoenix (extracts)Ouyang JiangheAustin WoernerMay 2015Mainland China
King's BloodZhang WeiEric AbrahamsenMay 2015Mainland China
The Orphan of ZhaoLi JingzeCanaan MorseMay 2015Mainland China
mountain ghosts old homeHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
deep the silenceHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
the moon rolls on from the desertHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
child's voice curtailedHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
child's voice dissolvedHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
old landHui WaLucas KleinMay 2015Mainland China
Liu Xinwu - Interview with Shu JinyuLiu XinwuRoddy FlaggMay 2015Mainland China
Aku TonpaA LaiJim WeldonMay 2015Mainland China
Alai - Interview with Jin ShuyuA LaiEmily JonesMay 2015Mainland China
GravediggerYao HuiEleanor GoodmanMay 2015Mainland China
The Shawm PlayerYao HuiEleanor GoodmanMay 2015Mainland China
The BlacksmithYao HuiEleanor GoodmanMay 2015Mainland China
The Missing One and OthersYao HuiEleanor GoodmanMay 2015Mainland China
What the Kilnman SaysYao HuiEleanor GoodmanMay 2015Mainland China
Double PupilZhu WenyingCara HealeyMay 2015Mainland China
Dreamed to DeathMei YiPhilip HandMay 2015Mainland China
Song of LiangzhouGe FeiDavid HaysomMay 2015Mainland China
Terracotta WarriorsYang KeKyle AndersonMay 2015Mainland China
Visiting Dai on a Snowy EveningXu ZechenEric AbrahamsenMay 2015Mainland China
Back in the Cold WarYu Kwang-chungCanaan MorseMay 2015Mainland China
The Departing River XiangYu Kwang-chungCanaan MorseMay 2015Mainland China
A 16th Century Oil PeddlerLi FengJoshua DyerMay 2015Mainland China
Coming DownstairsChen QianCharles LaughlinMay 2015Mainland China
Poems by Yi LeiYi LeiAmanda HallidaySep 2014Mainland China
The Runaway GameHai NanRoddy FlaggSep 2014Mainland China
The Holiday Monk ReturnsCai DongRoddy FlaggSep 2014Mainland China
BrocadeChen MengyaJoel MartinsenSep 2014Mainland China
If I Fall Asleep on the Plane That’s Going to CrashKong YaleiAllan BarrSep 2014Mainland China
The Northern BorderLi ZishuJoshua DyerSep 2014Mainland China
Weird AuntieZhang YueranHallie TreadwaySep 2014Mainland China
Let Us Talk About Something ElseZhou JianingHelen WangSep 2014Mainland China
PregnantWei MengEmily JonesSep 2014Mainland China
That Damned Thing She SaidFu YuliNicky HarmanSep 2014Mainland China
Poems by Zhang ZhihaoZhang ZhihaoTammy Ho Lai-MingSep 2014Mainland China
Poems by Tammy HoTammy Ho Lai-Mingn/aSep 2014Mainland China
HandsSu YangPoppy TolandSep 2014Mainland China
The Gift of a CutTian ErJim WeldonSep 2014Mainland China
Poems by Wang JiaxinWang Jiaxinmultiple translatorsSep 2014Mainland China
Childhood DreamDan ZengDinah GardnerJun 2014Mainland China
The Mustache Dispute (excerpt)Memtimin Hoshurmultiple translatorsJun 2014Mainland China
The Back Quarters at Number SevenYe GuangqinBruce HumesJun 2014Mainland China
PainlessYerkex HurmanbekRoddy FlaggJun 2014Mainland China
Changing the WaterLi JinxiangPhilip HandJun 2014Mainland China
Morning Glories in the Mirror (excerpt)Guan RenshanLucy JohnstonJun 2014Mainland China
SeungmuJin RenshunAmanda PalinJun 2014Mainland China
To the Goat-DippingAyongaRoddy FlaggJun 2014Mainland China
The Only Real ManAlat AsemChris ElfordJun 2014Mainland China
Night in the CapitalNie LeStephen NashefJun 2014Mainland China
Winter SolsticeNie LeStephen NashefJun 2014Mainland China
The SouthNie LeStephen NashefJun 2014Canada
Memories of Learning MandarinNie LeStephen NashefJun 2014Mainland China
A Herd of Sheep Came Through the District CapitalLuruo DijiNathaniel IsaacsonJun 2014Mainland China
Our FatherJidi MajiaDenis MairJun 2014Mainland China
In the CastleMa HuanJoel MartinsenJun 2014Canada
Going to Market at My Neighbor’s CastleMa HuanJoel MartinsenJun 2014Mainland China
My Neighbor’s CastleMa HuanJoel MartinsenJun 2014Mainland China
Old ManArtai nullNathaniel IsaacsonJun 2014Mainland China
In the Depths of the GrasslandsArtai nullNathaniel IsaacsonJun 2014Mainland China
The Stilt House and Neighbors of My ChildhoodYe FuEleanor GoodmanJun 2014Canada
Arriving at Mount YuYe MeiJoshua DyerJun 2014Mainland China
Life of a MimicPatigulJim WeldonJun 2014Mainland China
The Disappearing Bean Curd GirlLao MaRoddy FlaggDec 2013Mainland China
Keep Running, Little BrotherLu NeiRachel HensonDec 2013Mainland China
Night of the Spring BreezeTie NingCara HealeyDec 2013Mainland China
Two LivesA YiPoppy TolandSep 2013Mainland China
The Zebra That Didn't Existpaper-republic.orgSu CiciSarah StantonSep 2013Mainland China
4/1/2018Liu CixinChris ElfordMay 2013Mainland China
World MapZhu LingKyle AndersonDec 2012Mainland China
The Intersection of Nanjing Rd. and Beijing RdZhu Lingn/aDec 2012Mainland China
Only LaterZhang YiweiPoppy TolandDec 2012Mainland China
Hidden DiseasesLu MinAnnelise Finegan WasmoenJul 2012Mainland China
Three Women Collecting TrashShen WeiEleanor GoodmanMar 2012Mainland China
A RegionShen WeiEleanor GoodmanMar 2012Mainland China
City of Mixed BloodShen WeiEleanor GoodmanMar 2012Mainland China
FishboneSheng KeyiShelly BryantMar 2012Mainland China
Friend of the MoonQiu HuadongJoel MartinsenMar 2012Mainland China
Tuyugou VillageShen WeiEleanor GoodmanMar 2012Mainland China
The Myna Bird asks a QuestionLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
Collectivist Insect CallsLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
Prayer-Poem on Mt. JinuoLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
The Sugar BlowerQi GeJoel MartinsenOct 2011Mainland China
Stephen's BackDenis Mairn/aOct 2011Mainland China
Raising WhalesXiang ZuotieBrendan O'KaneOct 2011Mainland China
A Rare Steed for the Martial EmperorXiang ZuotieBrendan O'KaneOct 2011Mainland China
Going Home for a FuneralLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
Abandoned CityLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
Keeping a CatLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China
White HeronsLei PingyangEleanor GoodmanOct 2011Mainland China

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