Li Feng 李冯


Born 1968 in Guangxi, graduated from Nanjing University. Taught at Guangxi University until 1996 when he quit his post and became a free-lance writer. His fiction has appeared in periodicals such as《人民文学》(People's Literature),《大家》 (Everyone)《收获》(Harvest) and 《作家》(Writers). Novels include《孔子》(Confucius) and《碎爸爸》(Sui Baba); short stories include《多米诺女孩》(Domino Girl) and16世纪卖油郎》(16th Century Oil Seller) and the collection《庐隐之死》(Death of Lu Yin). Li Feng has also written screenplays for the following films: Hero (2002), House of Flying Daggers (2004) and Fearless (2006).

Li Feng also writes under the penname Du Ma (杜马).


Original Works

Short stories (2)