Alat Asem 阿拉提·阿斯木

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A Uyghur born in 1958 in Keriya, Xinjiang, Alat Asem is currently vice-chair of the Xinjiang Writers Association. He writes in both Chinese and Uyghur and has published eleven novels and seven collections of shorter works. He has won several literary prizes, including the 2004 Tian Shan Award for Arts and Letters for his novel Raw Milk Drinkers (喝生奶的人们), published in 蝴蝶时代 (Butterfly Era).

Alat Asem's fiction is a Uyghur world where Han just don’t figure; his hallmarks are womanizers, insulting monikers and a hybrid Chinese with an odd but appealing Turkic flavor.

For interviews with the author, see Uyghur Writer Explores New Boundaries and 地域化、全球化和双语写作

Some notes on his Chinese writing and translations of it into English:

Alat Asem’s 《时间悄悄的嘴脸》(Confessions of a Jade Lord): Guide to Related Links

蝴蝶时代 (Butterfly Era): Collection of short stories in Chinese.

时间悄悄的嘴脸 (Confessions of a Xinjiang Jade Lord): Most recent Chinese novel. Translation underway by Bruce Humes and Jun Liu, scheduled for publication in 3Q 2017. For excerpt, click here.

The Only Real Man (最后的男人): Short story translated by Christopher Elford. See Pathlight Spring 2014.

Sidik Golden MobOff (斯迪克金子关机): Short story translated by Bruce Humes. Click here for excerpt.


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