Ayonga (1947 – 2020) 阿云嘎

Ayonga, an ethnic Mongolian fiction writer born in 1947, is from the Otog Banner, Inner Mongolia. A graduate in translation of the Inner Mongolia Specialist College, Ayonga began publishing his writing in 1976. His short stories “Jargal and His Uncle,” “Song of the Desert,” and “To the Goat-Dipping” placed first in the Solongo Literature Prize in 1987, 1990, and 1993. His 1999 collection Song of the Desert won the Sixth Junma Award. His most recent major work, the historical thriller Manba rasang, was published in the Mongolian-language literary journal Tsolmon in 2012, and in Chinese translation by the poet and translator Hasen in People’s Literature in 2013.


Original Works

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