Zhang Wei 张炜

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Born in November 1956 in Longkoushi, Shandong province, Zhang Wei began publishing poetry in 1975, and published his first novel in 1980. He is the chair of the Shandong Writers’ Association, Member of the Chinese Writers Association since 1983and a professional author. His works have been translated into English, Japanese, French, Korean and German. Over two hundred editions have been published in China and overseas.

His major works include the novels The Ancient Ship, September’s Fable, Another Province, Bohui, Hollyhock, Misconduct or Romance, Hedgehog Song, and You Are On the Highland; essay collections Into the Wild, Night Thoughts, and Heart of Fire; and works on literary theory including Spiritual Background, The Spiritual Direction of Modern Literature, and Midnight Badger. These publications have won over fifty different prizes at home and abroad.

Winner of the Mao Dun Literary Prize in 2011 for 《你在高原》On the Plateau which has also won the Ordos Prize, the Chinese Media Prize and the China Publishing Group Special Prize, and topped Asia Weekly’s Ten Worldwide Chinese Novels list.

On the Plateau 《你在高原》You Are on the Highland, excerpt tr. Joel Martinsen, Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 1 (2011), pp. 10-19.
The Ancient Ship 《古船》(tr. Howard Goldblatt)
September’s Fable: A Novel (tr. Terence Russell and Shawn Xian Ye)
Seven Kinds of Mushrooms: A Novel of the Cultural Revolution (tr. Terence Russell)
Road of Oak


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