Shen Wei 沈苇

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Born in 1965 in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, Shen Wei moved to Xinjiang in 1988 and is now Editor-in-Chief of the literary journal The West.

He has published the poetry collections, Linger an Instant, The Depth of the Heights, My Dust My Way Ahead, Piqan Piqan, and Xinjiang Poems, the collections of critical essays Noontime Poets, Rubaiyat: Daybreak on the Turret, as well as The Xinjiang Dictionary, Kashgar, The Wonder of Plants, and the handbook, A Feast of Xinjiang: Independent Travel in the Hinterland of Asia. He has won the Lu Xun Prize, among others.

Tuyugou Village, A Region, Three Women Collecting Trash, City of Mixed Blood, tr. Eleanor Goodman Pathlight: New Chinese Witing 1 (2012)


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