Xiang Zuotie 向祚铁


Xiang Zuotie was born in 1974 in the village of Longzangwan, Longtan town, Hunan province. In 1992 he matriculated at Tsinghua University, studying physics. In his third year he joined the Literature Society and read avidly, including the poems of Hai Zi. The following year he was introduced to the works of Juan Rulfo, and he instantly felt the power and beauty of language, and was inspired to write. Since graduation, he has been in Beijing working to promote corporate brands. At 36, he is seriously considering writing fiction as a career. He has published the short story collection A Rare Steed for the Martial Emperor.

A Rare Steed for the Martial Emperor, Raising Whales, tr. Brendan O'Kane, Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 1 (2011)


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