Lao Ma 劳马

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Born Ma Junjie, Lao Ma now works at Renmin University and is a member of the Fiction Committee of the China Writers’ Association. He started to write in the 1990s, and has published hundreds of short stories and novellas in a range of publications, with over one hundred of these collected in 21st Century Annual Fiction Selection, China’s Best Novellas, and A Century of Classic Micronovels. Major works include the full-length novel Ai-Hai-Yo, the story collections Daft Smile, Certain People, Situation Report, In A Sense, Unspoken Script, Wait a Moment, 100% Happy, Extraordinary Interview, One Man Party, and Soft Lump; as well as the essay collections Smiles Also Teach and Far Mountains, Nearby Trees, and the dramatic collection Bakhtin’s Carnival. His works have been translated into Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, English, French, and Spanish.


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