Chutzpah!: New Voices from China

Chinese Literature Today Book Series

Chutzpah!: New Voices from China

Chinese Literature Today, (US)

Sept. 2015

By multiple authors and multiple translators


A Brief History of Time tr. Eric Abrahamsen from 时间简史 by Xu Zechen
A Village of Cold Hearths tr. Brendan O'Kane from 没有炊烟的村庄 by Sheng Keyi
The Balcony tr. Eleanor Goodman from 阳台上 by Ren Xiaowen
Retracing Your Steps tr. Nick Admussen from 原路追踪 by Zhu Yue
Paradise Temple tr. Brendan O'Kane from 西天寺 by Lu Min
A Dictionary of Xinjiang tr. Eleanor Goodman from 新疆词典 by Shen Wei
The Failure tr. Canaan Morse from 失败者 by Aydos Amantay
Dust tr. Howard Goldblatt from 尘埃 by Chen Xue
The Curse tr. Julia Lovell from 杨村的一则诅咒 by A Yi
Unfinished - To Be Continued tr. Nick Rosenbaum from 未完•待续 by Li Zishu
An Education in Cruelty tr. A.E. Clark from 残忍教育 by Ye Fu
War Among the Insects tr. Lee Yew Leong from [War Among the Insects] by Chang Hui-Ching
Monsters at Volleyball tr. Anna Holmwood from 妖怪打排球 by Lu Nei
Who Stole the Romanian's Wallet? tr. Nicky Harman and Yvette Zhu from 谁偷走了罗马尼亚人的钱包 by Wang Bang
Nine Short Pieces tr. Brendan O'Kane from [Nine Short Pieces] by Li Juan
Philosophy in the Boudoir tr. Nicky Harman from [Philosophy in the Boudoir] by He Wapi