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The MembranesChi Ta-weiAri Larissa HeinrichJun 2021US
Far AwayLo Yi-chinJeremy TiangApr 2021US
The Handsome MonkTsering Döndrupmultiple translatorsSep 2019US
The Great Flowing Rivercup.columbia.eduChi Pang-yuanJohn BalcomJul 2018US
Remains of LifeWu HeMichael BerryApr 2017US
The Lost Gardencup.columbia.eduLi Angmultiple translatorsNov 2015US
The Kite FamilyHon Lai-chuAndrea LingenfelterSep 2015US
Visions of Dystopia in China's New Historical NovelsJeffrey C Kinkleyn/aNov 2014US
From the Old CountryZhong LiheT.M. McClellanFeb 2014US
Atlas: The Archaeology of an Imaginary Citycup.columbia.eduDung Kai-cheungmultiple translatorsJul 2012US
The Song of Everlasting SorrowWang Anyimultiple translatorsJan 2008UK
The Old CapitalChu T'ien-wenHoward GoldblattApr 2007US
My South Seas Sleeping Beauty A Tale of Memory and Longingcup.columbia.eduChang Kuei-hsinValerie JaffeeMar 2007US
I Love DollarsZhu WenJulia LovellJan 2007US
Loud Sparrows: Contemporary Chinese Short-Shortsmultiple authorsmultiple translatorsJan 2006US
Written on WaterZhang AilingAndrew JonesMar 2005UK
A Private LifeChen RanJohn Howard-GibbonMay 2004US
The Dictionary of MaqiaoHan ShaogongJulia LovellAug 2003UK
Wild Kids: Two Novels about Growing UpChang DachunMichael BerryDec 2002US
Notes of a Desolate ManChu T'ien-wenHoward GoldblattNov 2000US
The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literaturemultiple authorsmultiple translatorsJan 1995US
Running Wild – New Chinese Writersmultiple authorsmultiple translatorsDec 1994US

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