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Running Wild – New Chinese Writers


Running Wild – New Chinese Writers

Columbia University Press, (US)

Dec. 1994

By multiple authors and multiple translators


Divine Debauchery tr. Andrew Jones from [Divine Debauchery] by Mo Yan
Transcendence and the Fax Machine tr. Jeanne Tai from [Transcendence and the Fax Machine] by Ye Si
One Kind of Reality tr. Jeanne Tai from 现实一种 by Yu Hua
The Isle of Wang'an tr. Kirk Anderson and Zheng Da from [The Isle of Wang'an] by Zhong Ling
Master Chai tr. Michelle Yeh from [Master Chai] by Zhu Tianwen
Ghost Talk tr. Charles Laughlin from [Ghost Talk] by Yang Lian
Mother Fish tr. Kristina Torgeson from [Mother Fish] by Xi Xi
Festival tr. Ann Huss from [Festival] by Ah Cheng
Plain Moon tr. Michelle Yeh from [Plain Moon] by Gu Zhaosen
I Am Not A Cat tr. Amy Dooling from [I Am Not A Cat] by Tang Min
The Adulterers tr. Charles Laughlin and Jeanne Tai from [The Adulterers] by Li Peifu
Running Wild tr. Kirk Anderson and Zheng Da from 狂奔 by Su Tong
Our Childhood tr. Michelle Yeh from [Our Childhood] by None
The Amateur Cameraman tr. Jeffrey C Bent from [The Amateur Cameraman] by Shi-kuo Chang