The Three-Legged Horse

Novel by Cheng Ch'ing-wen.

Contains 12 short stories:
1. The River Suite, tr Lien-ren Hsiao
2. The Mosquito, tr Anne Behnke
3. Betel Nut Town, tr James R. Landers
4. A Fisherman's Family, tr Jane Parish Yang
5. The Last of the Gentlemen, tr Chen I-djen
6. Secrets, tr Jeffrey Toy Eng
7. God of Thunder's Gonna Getcha, tr Nicholas Koss
8. Autumn Night, tr Michele Wu
9. Spring Rain, tr Karen Steffen Chung
10. The Three-Legged Horse, tr Carlos G. Tee
11. Hair, tr Karen Steffen Chung
12. The Coconut Palms on Campus, tr Fred Steiner.

Original Publications:

The Three-Legged Horse ( Columbia University Press 1998, November (US)

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