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Under-Sky Underground: Chinese Writing Today

Wellsweep, (UK)

Jan. 1994

By multiple authors and multiple translators


First Love tr. Steve Balogh from 初恋 by Haizi
Datura tr. Janet Tan from 蔓陀铃 by Janet Tan
The Woman in Crimson tr. John Minford from 绛衣人 by Henry Y.H. Zhao
Mr Nangong Kansheng tr. Alison Bailey from 南宫佰生 by Nan Fang
Prague tr. Chen Maiping and Bonnie McDougall from 布拌格 by Bei Dao
'He Opens Wide a Third Eye...' tr. Chen Maiping and Bonnie McDougall from 无题(他睁开…) by Bei Dao
Along the Way tr. Chen Maiping and Bonnie McDougall from 在路上 by Bei Dao
At This Moment tr. Chen Maiping and Bonnie McDougall from 此刻 by Bei Dao
Year's End tr. David Hinton from 岁末 by Bei Dao
Much Ado in Autumn tr. David Hinton from 多事之秋 by Bei Dao
Untitled ('Hawk Shadow Flickers Past...') tr. David Hinton from 无题(苍鹰的…) by Bei Dao
The Rivers of Amsterdam tr. John Cayley from 阿姆斯特丹的河流 by Duo Duo
In England tr. Gregory B Lee from 在英格兰 by Duo Duo
Residents tr. Gregory B Lee from 居民 by Duo Duo
Windmill tr. Gregory B Lee from 风车 by Duo Duo
Crossing the Sea tr. Gregory B Lee from 过海 by Duo Duo
They tr. Gregory B Lee from 他们 by Duo Duo
1989 tr. Brian Holton from 1989年 by Yang Lian
The Book of Exile tr. Brian Holton from 流亡之书 by Yang Lian
The Extent of the Disaster tr. Brian Holton from 灾难所至 by Yang Lian
CV of Hate tr. Brian Holton from 恨的履历 by Yang Lian
Smoking tr. John Cayley from 吸烟 by Gu Cheng
We Write Things tr. John Cayley from 我们写东西 by Gu Cheng
Too Many Things Have Already Been Forgotten tr. John Cayley from 被遗忘的事已经太多 by Zhang Zhen
Struggling to Recall That Winter tr. John Cayley from 竭力回忆一个冬天 by Zhang Zhen
For the Last Night and the First Day tr. Steve Balogh from 最后一夜和第一日的献歌 by Haizi
Don't Let Your Sorrow Leave You tr. John Cayley from 不放走悲痛 by Meng Lang
Stage Rifle tr. John Cayley from 道具枪 by Meng Lang
Time is My Saviour tr. John Cayley from 时间就是解放我的人 by Meng Lang
Educational Poem tr. John Cayley from 教育诗篇 by Meng Lang
The Optician tr. John Cayley from 眼镜店 by Zhang Zao
Chorus tr. John Cayley from 合唱队 by Zhang Zao
Things Past tr. John Cayley from 往事 by Bai Hua
Happiness tr. John Cayley from 幸福 by Bai Hua
Reading the Poet's Life One Summer tr. John Cayley from 夏日读诗人传记 by Bai Hua
Sonnets at the Year's End tr. John Cayley from 岁末十四行之一 by Daxian
Eating a Chicken tr. John Cayley from 吃鸡 by Li Li
The Other Winter tr. John Cayley from 另一个冬天 by Lü De'an
Pain tr. John Cayley from 痛苦 by Lü De'an
How to Become a Fish tr. John Cayley from 你如何变成鱼的 by Hong Ying
Bridge tr. John Cayley from 桥梁 by Hong Ying
Spring Cuttings tr. John Cayley from 春天的切片 by Daozi
Railway Station tr. John Cayley from 火车站 by Zi An
A Man Who Gets Through Winter Cutting Wood tr. John Cayley from 一个劈木柴过冬的人 by Zi An
The Legend of the Sun Brigade tr. Helen Wang from 太阳纵队传记 by Zhang Langlang
Underground Poetry in Beijing 1970-1978 tr. John Cayley from 1970-78的北京诗坛 by Duo Duo
Yesterday's Today or Today's Yesterday tr. Frances Wood from 昨天今天或今天昨 by Ah Cheng
1985 tr. Anne Wedell-Wedellsborg from 1985 by Li Tuo
Intermediate Zone tr. Steve Balogh and John Cayley from 中间地带 by Zhong Ming
Prison Letter tr. John Cayley and Beth McKillop from 下狱书 by Song Lin
Abstract Taste tr. Deborah Mills from 趣味的抽象 by Yan Li
The Way of Heaven: Beginning of Autumn tr. Helen Wang from 天道立秋 by Zhang Chengzhi
Hutong: The Lane tr. Duncan Hewitt from 胡同 by Gu Xiaoyang
Sensing the Shift: New Wave Literature and Chinese Culture tr. Henry Y.H. Zhao from 新潮文学:文化转型期的纯文学 by Henry Y.H. Zhao
The 'Westernization' of Chinese Literature in the 1980s tr. Duncan Hewitt from 也谈八十年代文学的西化 by You Yi
Momo and Lin Hong tr. Deborah Mills from 末末与林红 by Han Dong
Variations tr. Angela Geddes from 变奏 by Zha Ying
Tattoo tr. John Cayley and Harriet Evans from 纹身 by Duo Duo
Hitchhiking tr. Harriet Evans from 搭车 by Duo Duo
Into Parting Arms tr. Helen Wang from 投入分裂的怀抱 by Li Feng