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Publishes a variety of books, marketed in the USA, including the "Stories by Contemporary Writers from Shanghai Series" of 12 novels published in English translation.


Forty RosesSun Yongmultiple translatorsDec 2015Mainland China
A Journey to Inner Peace and Joy: Tracing Contemporary Chinese HermitsZhang JianfengTony BlishenDec 2015US
No Sail on the Western Seaamazon.comMa YuanTony BlishenApr 2015Mainland China
Memory and Oblivionamazon.comWang ZhoushengTony BlishenOct 2014Mainland China
The ElephantChen CunYawtsong LeeDec 2010Mainland China
A Pair of Jade FrogsYe XinYawtsong LeeDec 2010Mainland China
Vicissitudes of LifeWang XiaoyingQiu MaoruDec 2010Mainland China
Ah, Blue BirdLu Xing'erWu YantingDec 2010Mainland China
DissipationTang YingQiu MaoruDec 2010Mainland China
Two Novellas: How Long is ForeverTie Ningmultiple translatorsDec 2010Mainland China
His One and OnlyWang Xiaoyumultiple translatorsDec 2010Mainland China
The Little Restaurantamazon.comWang AnyiYawtsong LeeDec 2010Mainland China
Folk Songchinabooks.chLi Xiaomultiple translatorsDec 2010Mainland China
The Messenger's LetterSun Ganlumultiple translatorsDec 2010Mainland China
Stories from Contemporary China, by Bei Cun, Xu Yigua and Li ErXu Yiguamultiple translatorsOct 2010Mainland China
When a Baby is BornCheng NaishanBenjamin ChangOct 2010Mainland China

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