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玉蛙 (lit. A Pair of Jade Frogs)

Novel by Ye Xin.

This novel by one of China's most prolific contemporary authors is a vivid portrayal of a young man struggling for fulfillment and self-respect amongst the immense political turmoil of 20th century China.

Youyun is an "educated youth" sent to work as a teacher in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. One day a group of thugs try to arrest one of his students and he intervenes to stop them. He discovers they are looking for a mysterious "ancient treasure" they believe the girl's father is hiding. Youyun is gradually drawn in to the mystery and ends up in possession of the "treasure", a pair of exquisite jade frogs.

His plans to return to city life and develop his career are then further complicated when he begins a passionate relationship with Renping, a beautiful local girl who attends his classes. The possession of the frogs leads to the possibility of Youyun settling down with her, but things do not work out the way he expects them to.


A Pair of Jade Frogs

Translated by Yawtsong Lee


A Pair of Jade Frogs Better Link Press, Shanghai Press and Publishing Development Company Dec. 2010 Mainland China