Li Xiao 李晓


Li Xiao (real name: Li Xiaotang 李小棠), born in Shanghai, in 1950. He is the son of writer Ba Jin. Li Xiao graduated from the Chinese department of the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, and started publishing fiction in the 1980s. His works include The Last Supper (Beijing: Hua Ye Publishers, 1993), The Overpass (Taipei: San Min Publishers, 1989), and A Man is Established at Forty (Jiangsu Publishers, 1996). To date Li Xiao has published over twenty short stories and novellas and two anthologies. (info from Words without Borders)

Available in English translation:
Appointment in K City (tr. Zhu Hong), in Words without Borders
Folk Song (published together with Sunny Red Melons) (tr. Wu Xiaozhen, Qiu Maoru), published by Better Link Press, 2010.


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