Sun Ganlu 孙甘露

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Sun Ganlu was born in Shanghai on the 10th July, 1959. He is currently a member and director of the Shanghai Writer s Association, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Culture and Arts Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy, and Chief Strategist at the Shanghai Weekly. His representative works include: the novel Breathing (published in a French translation in 1997); a collection of short stories and novellas A visit to Dreamland; the novels Asking Women to Solve Riddles and Remembering the Qin Maid; the illustrated books Shanghai's Period Dolls and Selected Literary Fragments of Sun Ganlu chosen by the Author; collections of essays Dancing on the Ceiling and Slower than Slow; Shanghai over the Years; and The Selected Works of Sun Ganlu. The author's works have been translated into French, Russian, Japanese, English, Italian and many other languages. He is a former winner of the Shanghai Youth Literature Award, and the Shanghai Literature Award. His works have been chosen for inclusion in a collection of outstanding novels from the past fifty years, and have been included in a list of the top 50 Chinese novels (1977-2000). (publisher's blurb, The Messenger's Letter)


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