Tang Ying


Tang Ying is an award-winning author. She was born in Shanghai and graduated from the Chinese Department of East China Normal University in 1982. She is currently a freelance writer and a member of the Chinese Writers' Association. Her first novel Why in Such a Hurry was published in 1986, and since then she has published numerous short story collections, novels and novellas. These works include the novel The First Time (2007) A Fei Street (2003), No Love in Shanghai (2002) and novellas such as Empty (2005), Senseless Journey (2003) and Tell Laola I Love Her, which have appeared in the Best Chinese Novellas since 1990's. Her several novels have been adapted into films and dramas, among which the representative is the novella Beauty, made into the film The Hands in the Hairs. Tang Ying is also an accomplished film-maker and Director of Fringe Festival, which is an independent contemporary theatre festival of Shanghai. She has great ability for describing the fate of city women during times of change, as well as the emotional bonds formed by city residents undergoing the shock of social upheaval. Her works have contributed to the emergence of an urban literature previously lacking in China, and have come to be known as the representatives of a new civic literature. (publisher's blurb)

Dissipation, by Tang Ying, tr. Qiu Maoru (Better Link Press, 2010).


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