Amazon Crossing

One of Amazon's publishing imprints, focused on translations of foreign literature into English.


The Shaanxi OperaJia Pingwamultiple translatorsMay 2023US
HospitalHan SongMichael BerryMar 2023US
Playing with YageHelen WangJan 2022US
A Single SwallowZhang LingShelly BryantSep 2020US
LifeLu YaoChloe EstepMar 2019US
The Golden HairpinQinghan CeceAlex WoodendFeb 2018US
Happy DreamsJia PingwaNicky HarmanOct 2017US
Murder in Dragon CityQin MingAlex WoodendSep 2016US
The Untouched CrimeZijin ChenMichelle DeeterSep 2016US
To the Sky KingdomQi TangPoppy TolandAug 2016US
Good Children of the FlowerHong Yingmultiple translatorsAug 2016US
Young BabylonLu NeiPoppy TolandJun 2015Online
Beijing BeijingFeng TangMichelle DeeterMar 2015Online
1988: I Want to Talk with the WorldHan HanHoward GoldblattJan 2015Online
Search for the Buried BomberXu LeiGabriel AscherJan 2013Online

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