Renditions is the leading international journal of Chinese literature in English translation, covering over 2000 years of Chinese literature from classical works of poetry, prose, and fiction to recently published works by writers representing the rich variety of contemporary Chinese literary expression. Articles on art, Chinese studies and translation studies are frequently included. Each issue is illustrated with complementary art, calligraphy and photographs. Renditions has been published by the Research Centre for Translation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 1973.

The general reader will be entertained and informed, finding in Renditions a unique and fascinating gateway to Chinese culture. The specialist will find careful scholarship and a commitment to excellence in the fields of Chinese literature and translation. (copied from publisher's website, Jan 2015)


Crystal Hsien-yungHoward GoldblattNov 2018Hong Kong
Paper CutsYe SiBrian HoltonDec 2015Hong Kong
转生的巨人multiple authorsn/aDec 2012Hong Kong
1923 - A FantasyZhao Haihongmultiple translatorsDec 2012Hong Kong
The Rainforestmultiple authorsn/aDec 2012Hong Kong
The Demon's HeadFei DaoDavid HullDec 2012Hong Kong
The Demon-Enslaving FlaskXia JiaLinda Rui FengDec 2012Hong Kong
New Story of the StoneWu JianrenSterling SwallowDec 2012Hong Kong
The Secret RoomChristopher G ReaChristopher G ReaDec 2012Hong Kong
The Ever-Enduring Radio WavesLa LaPetula ParrisDec 2012Hong Kong
The Passengers and the CreatorHan SongNathaniel IsaacsonDec 2012Hong Kong
New Tales of Mr Braggadociomultiple authorsNathaniel IsaacsonDec 2012Hong Kong
The Village SchoolteacherLiu Cixinmultiple translatorsDec 2012Hong Kong
The Poetry CloudLiu Cixinmultiple translatorsDec 2012Hong Kong
Lessons from the History of ScienceLu XunNathaniel IsaacsonDec 2010Hong Kong
Old SoldierXue Yiweimultiple translatorsDec 2010Hong Kong
To Pierce the Material Screen: An Anthology of 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature: Vol. I, Fictioncuhkrctbookstore.comChen HuiyingHoward GoldblattJan 2008Hong Kong
The Cat SpecialistMo YanJanice WickeriOct 1989Hong Kong
Why Parents WorryCheng NaishanJanice WickeriJan 1987Hong Kong
Curvaceous DollsLi AngHoward GoldblattJan 1987Hong Kong

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