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灵的编年史Huo Xiangjien/aApr 2018Mainland China
盐大路Yu Yann/aSep 2014Mainland China
公务员笔记Wang Xiaofangn/aJun 2009Mainland China
小姨多鶴Yan Gelingn/aJan 2008Mainland China
有什么在我心里一过Wang Xiaonin/aJan 2008Mainland China
高兴Jia Pingwan/aDec 2007Mainland China
赤脚医生万泉和Fan Xiaoqingn/aSep 2007Mainland China
黑白Chu Fujinn/aJul 2007Mainland China
山河入梦Ge Fein/aJan 2007Mainland China
邻家少妇Jia Pingwan/aOct 2005Mainland China
秦腔Jia Pingwan/aMar 2005Mainland China
有关品质Zhu Wein/aJan 2005Mainland China
马桥词典Han Shaogongn/aJan 1996Mainland China
丰乳肥臀Mo Yann/aJan 1996Mainland China
无主题变奏Xu Xingn/aJan 1989Mainland China
天堂的对话Can Xuen/aJan 1988Mainland China

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