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Hard Like WaterYan LiankeCarlos RojasJun 2021US
The BorrowedChan Ho-keiJeremy TiangJan 2017US
The Explosion ChroniclesYan LiankeCarlos RojasOct 2016US
Four BooksYan LiankeCarlos RojasFeb 2015US
Lenin's KissesYan LiankeCarlos RojasOct 2012Online
Dream of Ding VillageYan LiankeCindy M. CarterJan 2011US
Serve the PeopleYan LiankeJulia LovellFeb 2008US
TurbulenceJia PingwaHoward GoldblattJan 2003UK
Green River DaydreamsLiu HengHoward GoldblattMay 2001US
Daughter of the RiverHong YingHoward GoldblattJan 2000UK
Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amusedmultiple authorsmultiple translatorsJun 1996UK
Black SnowLiu HengHoward GoldblattApr 1994US

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