Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused

Chairman Mao Would Not Be Amused

Grove Press, (UK)

June 1996

By multiple authors and multiple translators


First Person tr. Thomas Moran from 第一人称 by Shi Tiesheng
The Field tr. Susan McFadden from 那年的田野 by Hong Ying
The Brothers Shu tr. Howard Goldblatt from 舒家兄弟 by Su Tong
A String of Choices tr. Zhu Hong from 选择的历程 by Wang Meng
Sham Marriage tr. William Schaefer and Wang Fenghua from 假婚 by Li Rui
The Day I Got to Xi'an tr. John Crespi from 我到达西安那天 by Duo Duo
Sunshine Between the Lips tr. Shelley Wing Chan from 嘴唇里的阳光 by Chen Ran
Grass on the Rooftop tr. Madeline Spring from 屋頂的青草 by Li Xiao
The Past and the Punishments tr. Andrew Jones from 往事与刑罚 by Yu Hua
The Cure tr. Howard Goldblatt from 医治 by Mo Yan
Green Earth Mother tr. Howard Goldblatt from 红藤绿地母 by Ai Bei
When I Think of You Late at Night, There's Nothing I Can Do tr. Howard Goldblatt from 到黑夜想你没办法 by Cao Naiqian
The Summons tr. Ronald R Janssen and Jian Zhang from 不祥的呼喊声 by Can Xue
Moonlight Over the Field of Ghosts tr. Ellen Lai-shan Yeung from 鬼地上的月光 by Yang Zhengguang
Remembering Mr Wu You tr. Howard Goldblatt from 追忆乌攸先生 by Ge Fei
Footsteps on the Roof tr. Hu Ying from 屋顶上的脚步 by Chen Cun
Willow Waist tr. Scott W Galer from 细腰 by Chi Li
The Sleeping Lion tr. Susan McFadden from 睡狮 by Kong Jiesheng
Fritter Hollow Chronicles tr. Howard Goldblatt from 油饼洼记事 by Wang Xiangfu