Carlos Rojas

Carlos Rojas is Associate Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies at Duke University. He is the author of The Naked Gaze: Reflections on Chinese Modernity (Harvard University Asia Center, 2008), and The Great Wall: A Cultural History (Harvard University Press, 2010). He the co-editor, with David Der-wei Wang, of Writing Taiwan: A New Literary History (Duke University Press, 2007), and, with Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, of both Rethinking Chinese Popular Culture: Cannibalizations of the Canon (Routledge: 2009) and The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Cinemas (Oxford University Press, 2013). He is also the co-translator, again with Eileen Chow, of Yu Hua’s two-volume novel, Brothers (Pantheon, 2009), and is the translator of Yan Lianke’s novel Lenin's Kisses (Grove/Atlantic Press, 2012).


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