China Writers Association Translation Fund Recipients

By Eric Abrahamsen, published

That wasn’t so hard after all – the CWA has given us the list of the 25 translation fund recipients for the last round of funding. What we don’t know are the details of translator/publisher (though in many cases you can guess), or how much funding will actually be supplied. But still, it’s an interesting list – see it below, after the jump.

In the meantime, the deadline is nearly up for the next round of funding for both the general CWA program, and its ethnic-minority fiction funding program. The ethnic-minority funding applications will be reviewed next month, and the contemporary fiction applications the month after, so time is short. If you’ve got all the necessary materials on hand (and the publishing contract is already signed), you can first send a digital version of the application to the Writers Association at

English Title (approx) Original Title Author Language
Selected Works of Xu Kun 徐坤小说选集 Xu Kun Korean
Massage 推拿 Bi Feiyu English
The Mysteries of China 中国天机 Wang Meng German
Collected Short Stories and Novellas of Han Shaogong 韩少功中短篇小说集 Han Shaogong Korean
Qin Opera 秦腔 Jia Pingwa Swedish
Plot 暗算 Mai Jia English
Decoded 解密 Mai Jia English
Happy Days for the Wife 媳妇的美好时代 Wang Liping Swahili
Running Through Beijing 跑步穿过中关村 Xu Zechen English
Massage 推拿 Bi Feiyu Hebrew
The Book of Life 生命册 Li Peifu English
The Skywalkers 天行者 Liu Xinglong English
Collected Short Stories of Su Tong 苏童短篇小说集 Su Tong Italian
Landless Age 无土时代 Zhao Benfu French
Lakes and Mountains 湖光山色 Zhou Daxin English
Made in China 中国制造 Zhou Meisen French
The Right Bank of the Argun (aka Last Quarter of the Moon) 额尔古纳河右岸 Chi Zijian Spanish
Hard Times 涸辙 Zhao Benfu Japanese
Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree 石榴树上结樱桃 Li Er English
Cries in the Drizzle 在细雨中呼喊 Yu Hua German
A Word is Worth Ten Thousand Words 一句顶一万句 Liu Zhenyun Swedish
Promise Bird 誓鸟 Zhang Yueran English
The Compassionate Land 悲悯大地 Fan Wen English
Happy 高兴 Jia Pingwa Swedish
First, Live 生命第一 He Jianming English


# 1.   

Thanks for posting this. So, I gather that the deadline to translate ethnic minority works has already passed, right? Any news on which minority authors will be translated?

Many thanks again!

Patricia Schiaffini, October 18, 2014, 4:55p.m.

# 2.   

Yes, I'm afraid the deadlines are passed! It might still be worth getting in touch with them and just confirming that point, though -- they don't seem terribly organized.

I don't know where funding went for the minority writers' books, I'll write and ask!

Eric Abrahamsen, October 19, 2014, 3:45a.m.


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