Li Er


Novelist and short story writer Li Er was born 1966 in Henan Province. Despite his modest claim to be a "not very prolific" author, he has published five story collections, two novels and approximately 50 novellas and short stories - most of them within the last decade. His work appears regularly in Zuojia, Shouhuo, Huacheng, Shucheng, Dajia, Renmin Wenxue, Shanhua, Shidai Wenxue and a variety of other mainland literary journals. Although Li Er is still relatively unknown outside of China, he is widely respected in Chinese literary circles and has acquired a passionate - one might even say rabid - fan base of highly literate and intellectual readers. He has also attracted a great deal of attention among literary critics and academics for his stylistically innovative prose. Li Er's second novel, Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree has been translated into German. His stunning debut novel Huaqiang [Truth and Variations], which explores the fate of the individual in contemporary China and the problematic quest for "historical truth", is currently being translated into English and will be published as part of the Oklahoma University Press "Chinese Literature Today" series, which also includes work by Nobel laureate Mo Yan.

Stephen's Back, tr. Denis Mair, Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 1 (2011)

Works by Li Er
Shilishu Shang Jie Yingtao (石榴树上结樱桃), July, 2004
lit. "Cherry On a Pomegranate Tree", currently untranslated
Wuhou de Shixue (午后的诗学), May, 2004
lit. "Afternoon Poetics", currently untranslated
Hua Qiang (花腔), January, 2002
lit. "Truth and Variations", currently untranslated
Yeyou Tushuguan (夜游图书馆), January, 2002
lit. "Library by Night", currently untranslated
Yiwang (遗忘), January, 2002
lit. "Forgetting", currently untranslated
Pojing Er Chu (破镜而出), January, 2001
lit. "From a Shattered Mirror", currently untranslated
Raoshe de Yaba (饶舌的哑巴), January, 2000
lit. "The Voluble Mute", currently untranslated
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