“You’re stepping on my shadow, please back off,” she said.

Sun Yisheng / Nicky Harman

Books from Taiwan

Books from Taiwan is a new initiative funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture to introduce fiction and non-fiction to foreign publishers and readers alike. On this website you will find information about authors and books, along with who to contact in order to license translation rights. All titles featured are eligible for the National Museum of Taiwan Literature’s Translation and Publication Grants Program. In these pages you will travel from the disappearing saltpans of Taiwan's south, to the mean streets of Hong Kong and Taipei and on to a fantastical world where the children must wrest control from the adults... Literature is not defined by national borders. Books don't have passports and stories travel because of our curiosity. We hope the books introduced here will surprise in their variety and make you lose yourself, if only for a little while, within our stories. (copied from publisher's website, 15 April 2015)

Features and samples from the following authors and illustrators:
Amann Wang 王書曼
Annpo Huang 阿潑
Badai 巴代
Ballet Monsters 芭蕾群陰
Bei Lynn 林小杯
C F Hu 胡晴舫
Chan Ho-Kei 陳浩基
Chang Chia-Hua 張嘉驊
Chang Dung-Chun 張東君
Chang Kuo-Li 張國立
Chen Jing-Cong 陳景聰
Chi Wei-Jan 紀蔚然
Chien Yin 錢茵
Chiu Cheng-Tsung 邱承宗
Chiu Zu-Yin 邱祖胤
Chu Shao-Lin 朱少麟
Egoyan Zheng 伊格言
Ho Chih-Ho 何致和
Ho Ching-Yao 何敬堯
Hsu Chia-Tse 徐嘉澤
Hua Bo-Rong 花柏容
Huang Jian-Wei 黃建維
Huang Li-Chen 黃麗珍
Huang Yu-Hsin 黃郁欣, Huang Yu-Chen 黃郁辰, Wang Pin-Han 王品涵 and Wang Pin-Jie 王品捷
Jane Jian 簡媜
Jimmy Liao 幾米
Joy Chaung 喬一樵
Julia Liu 劉思源
Kan Yao-Ming 甘耀明
Kao Yi-Feng 高翊峰
Kao Ying-Hsueh 高鶯雪
Lai Ma 賴馬
Lee Chin-Lun 李瑾倫
Lee Ru-Qing 李如青
Liu Bor-Leh 劉伯樂
Liu Ching-Yen 劉清彥
Liu Ka-Shiang 劉克襄
Lu Chiu-Yuan 呂秋遠
Mr Pets 寵物先生
Nicholas Fan 范毅舜
Tsai Chao-Lun 蔡兆倫
Tsai Suh-Fen 蔡素芬
Tsen Peng-Wei 岑澎維
Tsou Yung-Shan 鄒永珊
Tu Hsiao-Erh 杜小爾
Wang Ching 汪菁
Wang Ting-Kuo 王定國
Wang Wen-Hua 王文華
Wolf Hsu 臥斧


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The Black Dog that Could Plow (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)multiple authorsAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
A Traveler’s Guide to Ride-Sharing (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Tsou Yung-shanMichelle M WuJan 2015Online
Albatross Forever (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Liu Ka-ShiangWen HsuJan 2015Online
An Unlikely Banquet (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chang Kuo-LiMalachi McGeeJan 2015Online
Animal Hospital no. 39 (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Lee Chin-LunAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Blue Eyes Call Small Ears (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Huang Yu-HsinAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Hsu WolfDarryl SterkJan 2015Online
Children of the Saltpans (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Tsai Suh-FenRobert FoxJan 2015Online
First Chair Cellist (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Wang WenhuaAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Ground Zero (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Zheng EgoyanDarryl SterkJan 2015Online
Floating (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Hu Ching-fangHelen WangJan 2015Online
I Can't See (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Tsai Chao-LunBrian KoJan 2015Online
I Saw a Bird (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Liu Bor-LehAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Killing Ghosts (excerpt)Kan Yao-Mingmultiple translatorsJan 2015Online
Let's Go Fishing (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chiu Cheng-TsungHuang Xiao-yinJan 2015Online
Paradise in No Man's Land (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Lee Ru-QingLee Shang-YuanJan 2015Online
Lord of the Earth and his Twelve Children (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Wang ChingAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Motoko Smiles (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Joy ChaungCanaan MorseJan 2015Online
Mother Earth (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chiu Zu-YinNicky HarmanJan 2015Online
My Asian Elephant Handbook (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)multiple authorsAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Swallow Dance (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chu Shao-LinEleanor GoodmanJan 2015Online
Phantom Harbour (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Ho Ching-YaoGigi ChangJan 2015Online
Private Eyes (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chi Wei-JanAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Secret Diary of a Ballerina (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Ballet MonstersPamela HuntJan 2015Online
So Hot, So Cold (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Wang Ting-KuoJeremy TiangJan 2015Online
The Borrowed (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chan Ho-keiGigi ChangJan 2015Online
The Chapel by the Sea (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Nicholas FanJames Laughton SmithJan 2015Online
The Dark Backward (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Hsu Chia-TseJonathan BarnardJan 2015Online
The Little Magpie and the Rocky Hill (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)multiple authorsAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
The Moonlight Trilogy (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Chang Chia-HuaDarryl SterkJan 2015Online
The Nowhere Trilogy (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Tsen Peng-WeiHelen WangJan 2015Online
The Tree Fort on Carnation Lane (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Ho Chih-HoPatrick RhineJan 2015Online
Virtua Street (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Mr PetsMalachi McGeeJan 2015Online
Yi's Turtle (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Kao Ying-HsuehAnna HolmwoodJan 2015Online
Who Awaits You on That Sparkling Silver Plane (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Jane JianStephen LiuJan 2015Online
Whatever Anna Wants (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Hua Bo-Rongmultiple translatorsJan 2015Online
War of the Bubbles (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Kao Yi-Fengmultiple translatorsJan 2015Online
Tristes Frontieres (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Annpo HuangLee Yew LeongJan 2015Online
The Waiting Room (excerpt) (booksfromtaiwan.tw)Tsou Yung-shanMichelle M WuJan 2015Online