That We May Live

That We May Live

Calico, (US)

March 2020

By multiple authors and multiple translators


Sour Meat tr. Natascha Bruce from 肉变 by Dorothy (Hiu Hung) Tse
Auntie Han's Modern Life tr. Jeremy Tiang from 娴姨的现代生活 by Tam Yee Lok
Lip Service tr. Michael Day from 吐字表演 by Zhu Hui
The Elephant tr. Audrey Heijns from 大象 by Chan Chi Wa
The Mushroom Houses Proliferated in District M tr. Jeremy Tiang from 香菇屋在M区盛放 by Tam Yee Lok
A Counterfeit Life tr. Canaan Morse from 冒牌人生 by Chen Si'an
Flourishing Beasts tr. Jeremy Tiang from 荣华兽 by Yan Ge