Invisible Planets

Invisible Planets

Tor Books, (US)

Nov. 2016

Translated by Ken Liu, from works by multiple authors


The Year of the Rat from 鼠年 by Chen Qiufan
The Fish of Lijiang from 丽江的鱼儿们 by Chen Qiufan
The Flower of Shazui from 沙嘴之花 by Chen Qiufan
A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight from 百鬼夜行街 by Xia Jia
Tongtong's Summer from 童童的夏天 by Xia Jia
Night Journey of the Dragon-Horse from 龙马夜行 by Xia Jia
The City of Silence from 寂静之城 by Ma Boyong
Invisible Planets from 看不见的星球 by Hao Jingfang
Folding Beijing from 北京折叠 by Hao Jingfang
Call Girl from 黄色故事 by Tang Fei
Grave of the Fireflies from 萤火虫之墓 by Cheng Jingbo
The Circle from by Liu Cixin
Taking Care of God from 赡养上帝 by Liu Cixin
The Worst of all Possible Universes and the Best of All Possible Earths: Three-Body and Chinese Science Fiction from 最糟的宇宙和最好的地球 by Liu Cixin
The Torn Generation: Chinese Science Fiction in a Culture in Transition from 撕裂的一代 by Chen Qiufan
What Makes Chinese Science Fiction Chinese? from What Makes Chinese Science Fiction Chinese? by Xia Jia