The coffin fell apart.
There was the sound of decayed wood crumbling, and a cloud of smoke surged out, like water vapour from a hot steamer.

Yan Lianke / Carlos Rojas

By the River: Seven Contemporary Chinese Novellas


By the River: Seven Contemporary Chinese Novellas (

University of Oklahoma Press, (US)

Nov. 2016


Beloved Treetr. Charles Laughlinfrom 心爱的树by Jiang Yun
Voice Changetr. Charles Laughlinfrom 苍声by Xu Zechen
Mountain Songs from the Heavenstr. Lucas Kleinfrom 山歌天上来by Han Shaogong
A Flurry of Blessingstr. Eleanor Goodmanfrom 福翩翩by Chi Zijian
Love and its Lack are Emblazoned on the Heart Forevertr. Eleanor Goodmanfrom 有爱无爱都是铭心刻骨by Fang Fang
Safety Bulletintr. Charles Laughlinfrom 安全简报by Li Tie
The Sanctimonious Cobblertr. Andrea Lingenfelterfrom 骄傲的皮匠by Wang Anyi