Winner of the 2015 London Book Fair's International Translation Initiative Award, Asymptote is an exciting new international journal dedicated to literary translation and bringing together in one place the best in contemporary writing. (copied from Asymptote website, Dec 2015)


Ten Years of Marriageasymptotejournal.comSu QingAmanda Lee KoeOct 2016Online
Dirty RainZhang YueranJeremy TiangDec 2015Online
Crow MountainCan Xuemultiple translatorsDec 2015Online
The Year of Being Twenty-Oneasymptotejournal.comShi TieshengDavid HaysomOct 2014US
The Stone Ox That GrazedSun YishengNicky HarmanApr 2014Online
Bubblesasymptotejournal.comLi LiEleanor GoodmanApr 2012Online
水泡asymptotejournal.comLi Lin/aApr 2012Online
Lost Garden (excerpt)multiple authorsn/aJan 2012Online

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