Nov 21st–27th: EU-China International Literary Festival

By David Haysom, published


The inaugural EU-China International Literary Festival is taking place this week, with authors from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Slovakia taking part in events with local authors across Beijing and Chengdu. Visit the official site for a complete list of events (many of which will be live streamed).

Here's a full list of all the Chinese authors participating (and links to a sample of their work here on Paper Republic, where available):

阿乙 A Yi"Who's Speaking Please? (translated by Michelle Deeter, Read Paper Republic)

陈楸帆 Chen Qiufan – "The Endless Farewell" (translated by Ken Liu, Pathlight Spring 2013)

蒋林 Jiang Lin

梁鸿 Liang Hong"Rainbow's Boutique" (translated by Dave Haysom, Pathlight Winter 2016)

刘丽朵 Liu Liduo

鲁敏 Lu Min"Xie Baomo R.I.P." (translated by Helen Wang, Read Paper Republic)

卢一萍 Lu Yiping

罗伟章 Luo Weizhang

盛可以 Sheng Keyi – "Fishbone" (translated by Shelly Bryant, Pathlight Spring 2012)

双雪涛 Shuang Xuetao – "The Master" (translated by Michael Day, Pathlight Winter 2015)

宋阿曼 Song Aman"Forty-Nine Degrees" (translated by Michelle Deeter, Read Paper Republic)

王国平 Wang Guoping

文珍 Wen Zhen"Night Train" (translated by Natascha Bruce, Pathlight Autumn 2016)

伊蕾 Yi Lei – selections from A Single Woman's Bedroom (translated by Amanda Halliday, Pathlight Summer 2014)

袁远 Yuan Yuan

余幼幼 Yu Youyou – eight poems (translated by Emily Goedde, Pathlight Winter 2015)

翟永明 Zhai Yongming – five poems (translated by Jami Proctor-Xu, Pathlight Spring 2012)

章泥 Zhang Ni

张悦然 Zhang Yueran"Binary" (translated by Jeremy Tiang, Read Paper Republic)

周恺 Zhou Kai"Hopelessly Blind" (translated by Eleanor Goodman, Read Paper Republic)

朱文颖 Zhu Wenying – "Double Pupil" (translated by Cara Healey, Pathlight Autumn 2014)


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