The coffin fell apart.
There was the sound of decayed wood crumbling, and a cloud of smoke surged out, like water vapour from a hot steamer.

Yan Lianke / Carlos Rojas

Pathlight Issue Winter 2015

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Ge Liang 葛亮Questioning the Dead
Translated by Canaan Morse
Ge Liang 葛亮When the Gods Retire
Translated by Roddy Flagg
Jin Li金理A Wind Rises in the South: On Ge Liang
Translated by Joshua Dyer
Shen Haobo 沈浩波 – Ten poems
Translated by Karmia Olutade
Yan Ge 颜歌We Meet at Twilight
Translated by Karmia Olutade
Lü Yao 绿妖The Night the Steamers Came Alive
Translated by Helen Wang
Yu Youyou 余幼幼 – Seven poems
Translated by Emily Goedde
Jiang Shumei 姜淑梅 – Excerpts from Times of Chaos, Times of Want
Translated by Petula Parris Huang
Diao Dou 刁斗Books and Me
Translated by Dave Haysom
Zhao Lihua 赵丽华 – Eleven poems
Translated by Peter Micic and Karmia Olutade
Shen Wei 沈苇The Cult of Wine
Translated by Emily Jones
Xiao Su 晓苏The Cold
Translated by Nick Stember
Shuang Xuetao 双雪涛The Master
Translated by Michael Day
Miao Wei 苗炜Cops and Aliens
Translated by Dave Haysom