Paper Republic: Chinese Literature Matters

Pathlight Issue Spring 2012

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  • Tie Ning ‘Irina's Hat’, ‘Pregnant Woman with Cow’
  • Alai ‘The Hydroelectric Station’, ‘The Threshing Machine’
  • Chi Zijian ‘A Jar of Lard’
  • Wang Gang ‘Recollections of the Hunan Cemetary’
  • Xu Kun ‘Visa Cancelling’
  • Feng Tang ‘Mahjong’
  • Qiu Huadong ‘Friend of the Moon’
  • Xu Zechen ‘Outdoor Film’
  • Sheng Keyi ‘Fishbone’
  • Zhang Yueran ‘A Thousand and One Nights’
  • Liu Cixin ‘Taking Care of God’
  • Jin Renshun ‘Skylark’
  • Tsering Norbu ‘A Sheep Released to Life’


  • Zhai Yongming In Ancient Times, The Chrysanthemum Lantern is Floating Over, In Springtime, Letters from a Past Dynasty, The Submarine’s Lament
  • Han Dong Someone in a Riot of Stones, There Is a Darkness, Mountain People, Of the Wild Goose Pagoda, A Phone Call from Dalian, Gregorian Chant, Night Flight
  • Shen Wei Tuyugou Village, A Region, Three Women Collecting Trash, City of Mixed Blood
  • Chun Sue Last Night I Dreamt About Gouzi, The Queen of Singing KTV, I Am Just a Girl, Taking Off Again