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Chinese Arts and Letters 2-2 (Oct 2015)



Chinese Arts and Letters 2-2 (Oct 2015)

Chinese Arts and Letters, (US)

Oct. 2015

By multiple authors and multiple translators


City Living, Country Living tr. Florence Woo from 城乡简史 by Fan Xiaoqing
Ying Yang Alley tr. Helen Wang from 鹰扬巷 by Fan Xiaoqing
Born in an Unknown Hour tr. Shelly Bryant from 生于黄昏或清晨 by Fan Xiaoqing
Are You Ready? tr. Natascha Bruce from 准备好了吗 by Dai Lai
My Auntie's Story tr. Florence Woo from 姑姑的背后 by Wang Dajin
Musical Destiny tr. Jeremy Tiang from 音乐之缘 by Yan Huajun
Most Beloved Father tr. Jeremy Tiang from 父亲的爱 by Yan Huajun
Ten Poems tr. Josh Stenberg from [Ten Poems] by Huang Fan