The Book of Shanghai

The Book of Shanghai (

Comma Press, (UK)

April 2020

By multiple authors and multiple translators


Ah Fang's Lamp tr. Helen Wang from 阿芳的灯 by Wang Anyi
Snow tr. Paul Harris from by Chen Danyan
Bengal Tiger tr. Lee Anderson from 孟加拉虎 by Xia Shang
Woman Dancing Under Stars tr. Yu Yan Chen from 星空下跳舞的女人 by Teng Xiaolan
The Novelist in the Attic tr. Jack Hargreaves from 阁楼小说家 by Shen Dacheng
The Story of Ah-Ming tr. Christopher MacDonald from 阿明的故事 by Wang Zhanhei
The Lost tr. Carson Ramsdell from 丢失者 by Fu Yuehui
Transparency tr. Katherine Tse from 透明 by Xiao Bai
Suzhou River tr. Frances Nichol from 苏州河 by Cai Jun
State of Trance tr. Josh Stenberg from 出神状态 by Chen Qiufan