Tsering Norbu 次仁罗布

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A relative newcomer to the Chinese literary scene, Tibetan writer Tsering Norbu has been featuring on China’s “Best Novel” and “Best Short Story” charts since 2006. His short stories include《杀手》, 《阿米日嘎》, 《放生羊》 and《传说》. He has also written a mid-length novel 《界》. Tsering Norbu graduated with a degree in Tibetan Literature from Tibet University, Lhasa, in 1986, after which he worked as an editor and journalist. His short story《阿米日嘎》 is set to be made into a film by Tibetan film director Pema Tseden.

A Sheep Released to Life, tr. Jim Weldon Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 1 (2012)

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