Petula Parris




Petula Parris is a freelance translator with an MA in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath and BA in Chinese Studies and Russian from the University of Durham. She has also studied Chinese in both mainland China and Taiwan. Petula formerly worked as an in-house translator in the central government of Taiwan in Taipei, and also as a Teaching Fellow in Translation at the University of Bath. She is now based in Shenzhen and is particularly interested in translating documentaries, biographies and other non-fiction literary works.

Published translations:

‘The Psychology of Travel’ 《旅行心理》and ‘The Configuration of Objects’ 《物質設置》, two short stories by Hong Kong author Lee Chi-leung 李智良, published courtesy of the Iowa University International Writers Program, 2013

'Amerika'《啊米日嘎》, a short story by Tibetan author Tsering Norbu 次仁羅布, published in Irina’s Hat: New Short Stories From China, MerwinAsia (ISBN 978-1937385224)

'Square Moon' 《四方月亮》, a short story by Hong Kong author Sin Tung Ho 何倩彤, published in Shi Cheng: Short Stories from Urban China, Comma Press, 2012, (ISBN 978-1905583461)

'The Ever-Enduring Radio Waves'《永不消失的電波》, a short story by sci-fi author La La 拉拉, published in ‘Renditions’, Nos. 77/78, Chinese University Press, 2012

The Unusual Princess 《小公主和矮爸爸》, children story series by Wu Meizhen 伍美珍, published by Egmont Books (UK), 2012, (ISBN 978-1405264501)


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