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Jane Weizhen PAN is a Chinese-to-English literary translator based in Melbourne, and is currently a PhD candidate at the Australian National University researching “nonsense literature.” She has translated several op-ed pieces for the global edition of the New York Times, including essays for the winner of the Man Asian Literary Prize, Bi Feiyu (The Blind, Leading), and prominent writer and social critic Li Chengpeng (Patriotism with Chinese Characteristics).

She has also joined with other professional translators such as Martin Merz and Harvey Thomlinson to render a host of Chinese authors in English. Here’s a partial list of Jane's co-translations and related book reviews:

Novels/Novelas & Excerpts

Li Er (李洱)
Title: The Magician of 1919 (Make-do Publishing, 2012 )

Murong Xuecun (慕容 雪村)
Title: Table d’Hôte (An excerpt from his novel Most Die of Greed published in Asia Literary Review (No 21, Autumn 2011))

Wang Gang (王刚)
Title: English (New York: Viking, 2009)
Book review: The Language of Love (Washington Post)

Essays & Short Stories

Liu Zhenyun (刘震云)
Title: Memory, Loss (Global Edition of New York Times, 2012)
Title: An Italian Priest and a Chinese Butcher (Excerpted from A word is Worth Ten Thousand Words for Pathlight magazine)

Murong Xuecun (慕容 雪村)
Title: Absurdities of China's Censorship System (Time, 2011)
Title: Words We Can Use, and Those We Cannot (Global Edition of New York Times, 2011)
Title: No Roads Are Straight Here (Global Edition of New York Times, 2012)
Title: Dreaming of a Normal Life in China (Global Edition of New York Times, 2011)
Title: Caging a Monster (China Heritage Quarterly, 2011)

Sheng Keyi (盛可以)
Title: A River's Gifts (Global Edition of New York Times, 2012)

Wang Gang (王刚)
Title: Recollections of the Hunan Cemetery (Pathlight No. 1, 2012)

Yan Lianke (阎连科)
Title: On China's State-sponsored Amnesia (Global Edition of The New York Times, 2013)
Title: The Year of the Stray Dog (New York Times, 2012)
Title: Words to Sooth Asia's Tensions (Global Edition of The New York Times, 2012)

Movie Subtitles
Title: The Piano in a Factory (2010)

Title: Ordained by Heaven By 17th-century Chinese playwright Li Yu


Book Publications

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Little Reunions

Zhang Ailing | Martin Merz and Jane Weizhen Pan

January 16, 2018

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