Diao Dou 刁斗

'Diao Dou' is the pen name of Diao Tiejun. Born in 1960 in Shenyang in Liaoning Province, Diao studied at the University of Broadcasting in Beijing before working as a journalist. Having established himself with a collection of poems, he has since turned to novels (including the new novel Qinhe, (“Close to You”) and more recently short stories. Diao currently works as an editor for Dangdai Zuojia Pinglun ("Commentary on Contemporary Authors") and as editor of the Liaoning-based literary magazine magazine, Yalu River.

Admirers have noted Diao's refusal to take part in any of the mass literary trends or cliques common in the Chinese literary scene. In late 2003, he was one of ten writers to win the ninth annual Zhuang Zhongwen Prize for Literature, along with the poet Xi Chuan. (source: Comma Press)


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