Da-Da-Da (爸爸爸)

Sample translated by Canaan Morse , from the book Ba Ba Ba.

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When he was born, he slept with tight-closed eyes for two straight days and nights, nothing to eat or drink, looking for all the world like he was dead and frightening his family halfway there. Only on the third day did he give a “Waaaaa—” and start crying. When he was able to crawl, he was teased and played with often by the other villagers, learning how to be a human. He very quickly learned two phrases, the first of which was, “Daddy,” and the second, “F-ck Mommy.” The latter was a little coarse, yet in the mouth of a child had no real meaning; you could think of it as a symbol, or even as a collection of sounds, sort of like “fa-ke-ma-mi.”

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